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SJO Accountants is a specialist accounting firm for Owner Managed Businesses who require the services of an outsourced financial controller.

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Sara Otley, SJO AccountantsIf you’re a small business owner, you’ll understand the need to build relationships with your clients, you’ll desire to “go the extra mile” for your clients and you know that time is of the essence. We understand those same values, after all we’re a small business ourselves.

When we set up SJO, we designed our service with an understanding of the “gripes” and “groans” small business owners had about their accountant. They typically fell into some key areas:


  • Clients hated getting a bill sprung upon them without any real explanation as to what it was for.
  • Many felt the size of the bill was unjustified for the benefit they received.
  • They didn’t like the fact that a quick telephone call for some advice was met with a fee.
  • Many found their accountant to be condescending and not really interested in them or their business.
  • A lot never heard from their accountant from one year to the next.
  • The person dealing with them was regularly changing and generally they were passed down the organisation.
  • Clients complained that their accountant never tried to help them legitimately save tax.


I believed we could do better and provide small businesses and their owners with an accounting and bookkeeping service which they would value and a relationship they would enjoy. Our client retention and referral rates would suggest we meet those expectations, though we continue to seek ways to develop our business for the benefit of our clients.

We give all our clients fixed price quotations in advance for any work they want us to undertake. They aren’t charged until they have accepted the quotation.

If you become an SJO client and have a matter you need to discuss, then we really love to hear from you. We will answer your questions and we won’t charge you for the advice. This is only available to our clients as an added benefit of working with us. It allows you to stop worrying about something that arises and instead obtain clear advice and get on with running your business without the worry of a large bill at the end of the call.

We’d like to be able to talk to you, maybe to chat over a coffee, about how your business is going. Oh, and we won’t charge you for the privilege of taking up your time for a catch up. Like all good businesses, we believe that stronger relationships build trust, understanding and long term benefits to everyone.

We will explain matters to you simply and clearly, using language that we all understand, rather than potentially confuse the situation with accountant-speak. This includes reviewing your accounts with you so you understand how your business is performing and issues to consider to make it even better.

So the question for you is would you prefer to stick with your existing accounting service or call Sara on 028 9181 3295 or 07811447404 to make an appointment and start experiencing the benefits of a relationsip with SJO?


Free Telephone Consultations

Not only do we give an initial free consultation, but once you become a client we are simply a phone call away from any financial queries you may have.

Call 028 9181 3295 or 07811 447 404 for your free consultation


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We can help streamline your business accounts to save money, headaches and to improve efficiency within your business...

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