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SJO Accountants is a specialist accounting firm for Owner Managed Businesses who require the services of an outsourced financial controller.

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At SJO, we offer a range of outsourced services because we know that the last thing you need when starting up a new business, or simply working hard in an existing one, is thinking about more paperwork.

The service we provide is tailored to your specific needs. Either, SJO can take on the full role of ensuring that your books are kept up-to-date and provide you with regular management accounts to keep you informed along the way. Or, we can provide a useful and illuminating monthly ‘check-up’ using the financial data you supply us with.
Either way you’ll always be ahead of the game, meeting those all important deadlines and, most importantly, being able to direct your resources more efficiently elsewhere in the business. After all, we all know that it is essential to keep checks on –

Cashflow – many businesses go bust not because they aren’t profitable, but because they run out of cash..
Profitability – you need to know how much money you are actually making in the long and short term
Performance ratios – key numbers to help you compare one fiscal period to another
Budget comparisons – keeping an essential reality check on the relation between projected performance and actual performance

And unfortunately, we also know that those who fail to keep abreast of such accounting fundamentals can lead themselves into a quagmire of problems: regulatory penalties, missed tax saving opportunities and sub-optimal business performance, to name but a few. Those who do, however, thrive.

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